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Rendy Aries Fajrin


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Rendy Aries Fajrin



About Me

Hi, I am Rendy!

I am a seasoned leader dedicated to nurturing a transformative organizational culture and unlocking the leadership potential of others. With a comprehensive background spanning with 10+ years of professional experiences from various sectors such as Telecommunication, FMCG, Consulting, and Healthcare. I seamlessly integrate my expertise from both startup and corporate environments.

Proficient in Leadership Capability, Corporate Culture, People Development, and Agile Methodologies, I drive engagement and foster collaboration to achieve concrete and measurable outcomes. My influence extends beyond my professional endeavors, as showcased by my coveted speaking engagements, influential coaching roles, and active participation in esteemed organizations like the Indonesia Human Capital Forum and the Indonesia Agile Community.

Backed by my certifications as a Certified Corporate Culture expert, Certified Corporate Trainer, Global Agile Practitioner, and Professional Scrum Masterâ„¢, my adept leadership positions me as a crucial catalyst for the development of progressive cultures and the individual empowerment within organizations.

Let me guide you as your coach, leading meaningful discussions that will help unlock your full potential and propel your career growth.

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Hubungan interpersonal Karir (Onboarding Transisi Penempatan) Pengembangan diri Pengenalan dunia kerja Penggalian Potensi


Bahasa Indonesia English


Agile Communication Leadership Development Personal Development Team Effectiveness

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Individu Kontributor Individu / Staff Manajer / Supervisor / Team Leader Student / Mahasiswa

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